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What our customers are saying.

This place is amazing! We went to get supplies for our chick hatching at school. They were so helpful and the nicest people around! We will always do business with them! Thank you Brazos Feed!

Nikki B|

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Great customer service. Gary went the extra mile to help solve my dilemma!

Jack H|

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5 stars all around… I needed some chicken scratch before the weekend and stopped in because I was in the area… it was brought to me vehicle and every employee visible said “hey” I will never shop the big stores again ❤️

Bill T|

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Great place, and even better folks. 100% local and staff that actually know what they are talking about.

Kent E|

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Excellent, healthy dog food for all ages and good prices. My great pyrenees love it. And the salesmen carry the bags for you to your vehicle. Super place. I highly recommend!

Casie F|

5-Star Google Review

Excellent place to get all your animal needs and livestock supplies. Staff went above the call to make sure I was satisfied, happy with everything and made sure I had all knowledge of my products and their usage. They definitely won my vote.

Johney B|

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The best feed store in Central Texas! The nicest people work here and will carry your stuff and put it in your car for you. Plus they have parrots! It's like a trip to the bird zoo when you shop. A sweet African gray (Gray Bird), a wacky Cockatoo (Twiggy) and 2 yellow headed amazon parrots with an epic love story! I love this store and these birds

Dawn A|

5-Star Google Review

Brazos Feed and Supply is one of the best businesses in Waco! Their staff is so friendly and helpful. I have chickens and I have received A+ advice on multiple occasions. The exotic birds they have are beautiful and fun to see while I wait for my chicken feed!

James T|

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Really awesome group! They remember me when I return for more feed, pull up my account, and go over past feed purchases to make sure I've covered everything. I primarily pick up a special feed for my Arabian mare who is insulin resistant. She's an easy keeper, but the feed was recommended by my vet and these guys helped out! Gotten other good deals on planting vegetables here as well. Talk to them and ask questions, they are very helpful!

Efolo T|

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